Friday, December 31, 2010

Haywood Goes Haywire In South Bend...Allegedly...


The former Notre Dame football player/offensive coordinator/head coach at Miami of Ohio was arrested on domestic violence charges Friday and booked into the St. Joseph County ((IN)) Jail, according to local police.

County police arrested Mike Haywood at a home he owns in South Bend after police received a 9-1-1 call from a woman with whom Haywood has a child. The woman said Haywood became angry when she tried to leave with their 21-month-old child, and he allegedly put the woman in a choke-hold, and then pushed her.

The circumstances around the reason for the woman's departure are unclear at present.

St. Joseph's County police officer Diana Landry noticed "red marks" on the woman's neck, back and arms, and she then arrested Haywood on suspicion of misdemeanor domestic violence battery.

Because this is a domestic violence case in the state of Indiana, Haywood is being held without bond in the county jail. He will spend his New Year's weekend there and will be arraigned before a judge Monday afternoon.

Haywood cooperated with police as he was being arrested, according to police reports.

Here's coverage from our friends at KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh...

Remember, Haywood was named head coach at Pitt back on the 16th.
The HQ thinks the university response will be interesting...

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