Sunday, December 26, 2010

DEVELOPING: Vikings-Eagles moved to Tuesday...Weather gods have it out for Vikes

Eagles game in snow/courtesy:
Or maybe they are just tired of hearing about Brett Favre, much like the rest of the Sporting public. Due to the monumental snowstorm supposedly poised to strike the Northeastern U.S., the NFL has decided to delay Sunday ngiht's Vikings-Eagles game.

Part of the reason may have been the fact that the city has already declared a Snow Emergency for Sunday afternoon. Or at least we think that's what it is.

We've been in Philly when it snowed nearly a foot in about 4-hours so it can...and does come down fast. And the city has more than enough experience cleaning Lincoln Financial Field in a hurry. However, the football fans we are pretty sure would still be there...except for the fact that the Snow Emergency essentially discourages them from driving.

Oh well. The game will now be played Tuesday night at 8pm and it will still be on NBC for those keeping track of such things.

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