Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tressel: Suspended Juniors will be back next year

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Yeah, right. Ohio State coach Jim Tressel said today at the Sugar Bowl coaches press conference that all five juniors who were suspended for the 1st five games of next season will be back.

According to Tressel, it was a condition of them getting to play in the Sugar Bowl game against Arkansas. He says each player pledged that they will not leave and turn pro. He also said "It wouldn't be fair if someone was able to participate" and then leave. Yeah. Sure.

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While this gesture would be applauded if it actually happens, we are (surprise) taking the cynical view here. We don't doubt that what coach Sweater Vest says isn't true. They probably did tell him that. But, what we question is that if faced with the possibility of losing NFL money and potentially draft position by staying in school for a 6 or 7 game season, the answer will always follow the money. We aren't saying they all will renege on the pledge, but they all won't honor it either.

We have found the outcry over what happened with these players somewhat laughable. From Sugar Bowl director Paul Hoolahan saying that "We asked Ohio State to allow these guys to play" to the NCAA coming out and saying "We don't play favorites, it's been interesting to watch unfold.

We aren't saying that anyone played favorites with Ohio State or that anyone played favorites. As for Hoolihan, we don't doubt him saying what he did, sober or not. It comes off sounding incredibly self-serving on his and the Sugar Bowls part, but that shouldn't surprise anyone.

We'll be very interested in following this story as it continues.

Here's video of Tressel and his Buckeye's arriving in New Orleans. Thanks WBNS-TV:





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