Thursday, December 16, 2010

DEVELOPING: LeGrand Has Sensations In Hands

File this one under the "good news" category...

Rutgers defensive tackle Eric LeGrand has some sensation in his hands, but he remains paralyzed from the neck down. The family updated LeGrand's condition Thursday, the same day he was named the winner of the 2010 Discover Orange Bowl Courage Award- presented by the Football Writers Association of America.

The award is given in the cases for "displaying courage on or off the field, including overcoming an injury or physical handicap, preventing a disaster or living through hardship."

LeGrand was injured October 16th in a game against Army, and he certainly has done that since then...

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Rutgers spokesman Jason Baum said the family confirmed the sensation in LeGrand's hands late Wednesday, adding nothing else has changed.

Last month, LeGrand was taken off a ventilator and is able to breathe on his own. His injury was reclassified from a complete spinal cord injury to an "incomplete" spinal cord injury. He is rehabilitating at the Kessler Institute in West Orange, New Jersey.

"Eric has displayed so much courage and determination throughout his injury and rehabilitation,"
Rutgers coach Greg Schiano said. "He has given everyone associated with our football family at Rutgers the strength to persevere through life's challenges."

LeGrand's family issued a statement: "He continues every day to make positive steps and has attacked his rehabilitation with the same desire and passion as he did on the football field. We continue to ask everyone to keep Eric in your thoughts and prayers."

The "Eric LeGrand Believe Fund" has been set up to help finance his treatment. For information, visit

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Here's a story that ran on the Rutgers Football Show on LeGrand...
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