Friday, December 17, 2010

OSG Sports Bowl Pick 'em....

Time to see if you are smarter than your friends at OSG Sports. We'll list all the bowl games and make our picks...for what they are worth. See if you can do better. We'd offer a prize, but since this is a part-time, love of doing it blog that doesn't make a whole lot of money, we don't have any prizes to offer other than being able to gloat that you are smarter than we are.

So here we go: There are like 500 of these games...geez!

New Mexico Bowl. How does New Mexico get a bowl? Their college football is awful. The game: UTEP 33, BYU 28

Nelson: They get a bowl since they have a Convention and Visitors Bureau that'll pay for it... BYU 34-31

uDrove Humanitarian Bowl. On the smurf turf. Good luck and happy Smurfing. The game: Fresno St. 31, N. Illinois 21

Nelson: Northern Illinois' was killed when their head coach went to Minnesota...
Get it...??? Fresno 35-17

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl. Or proof you just need to make up a name to sponsor a game. The Game: Troy 42, Ohio 21

Nelson: I saw an R&L Carrier the other day. It was pimping the Matt Kenseth stock car and not the bowl game... Troy 27-21

Beef O'Brady's Bowl. We'll lay off the jokes, but if you go to Beef O'Brady's...well you are taking your life in your hands. The Game: So.Miss 29, Louisville 23

Nelson: Louisville is just average... USM 31-21

MAACO Bowl Las Vegas. Uh huh. At least it's a free trip to Vegas. The Game. Boise St. 38, Utah 31

Nelson: Vegas, baby... I think this will be one of the more interesting games of the season... Boise won't cover the huge number... 42-31

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsetta. Can't this just be an acronym? Or a San Diego State extra home game? The Game: Navy 35, SDSU 28

Nelson: This one will be a blast... awesome, underrated match-up... I'll agree with Phil, 35-28 is about right...

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl. The game has lost its luster but it can't be that bad a trip, can it? The Game: Hawaii 44, Tulsa 21

Nelson: Tulsa is just interested in the flight over and the perks... Hawai'i 34-26

Little Caesar's Bowl. Does the winner get a $5 Hot 'n Ready? Why go to Detroit in December? Is this a reward? The Game: Toledo 37, FIU 21

Nelson: Toledo by default... 31-21

AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl. This is Karma for Ga.Tech for laughing at UGA for playing in this game last year. The Game. Ga. Tech 23, Air Force 21

Nelson: This is karma for Ga. Tech laughing at UGA for playing in this game last year... Air Force 28-17

Champs Sports Bowl. Not much funny to say here except it sucks to be Bill Stewart for the next 365 days. The Game: NC State 29, W.Va. 23

Nelson: Isn't it less than 365 days by now...??? WBGV 31-21

Insight Bowl. Maybe they'll see something better than most of us. Aw...that's not even funny dude. Insert Iowa joke here. The Game: Missouri 37, Iowa 24

Nelson: This game is in the weeds... Missouri 31-10

Military Bowl Pres. by Northrop Grumman. Huh? Can someone explain why a military contractor is sponsoring a bowl game? Anybody? Bueller? The Game. Maryland 28, E.Carolina 10

Nelson: Maryland gives Friedge an early retirement present... 27-17...

Texas Bowl. Further proof they play bowl games just to say they play bowl games...and anyone is eligible. The Game: Baylor 41, Illinois 21

Nelson: Average, avergage, average... Illinois 37-31

Valero Alamo Bowl. Yeah...Swell. The Game: Oklahoma St. 49, Arizona 28

Nelson: Will Dana Holgorsen show up...??? Arizona 31-27

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl. With all due respect to the Armed Forces....Why this game? The Game: SMU 23, Army 21

Nelson: Why...? Because they can and Army had a great year... SMU 35-27

New Era Pinstripe Bowl. Yay. Just what we always wanted. A bowl game in Yankee stadium. Quick, let's all run out and buy tickets. The Game: Syracuse 31, K-State 24

Nelson: I heard that Hank Steinbrenner gets to fire the losing coach after the game... Syracuse 24-17...

Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl. Joy. I actually covered this game many, many years ago in an Ice Storm. Yeah, it was as unpleasant as it sounds. The Game: Tennessee 34, UNC 21

Nelson: Still unpleasant... UNC 28-24...

Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl. I'm getting tired of this already. Explain again why so many bowl games? The Game: Nebraska 31, Washington 30

Nelson: This should be everyone's "35" in their confidence pool. Remember, these two have already played and Washington got clocked... Nebraska 38-21...

Meineke Car Care Bowl: Wouldn't it be cool if they just fixed your car instead? The Game: Clemson 23, South Florida 13

Nelson: Actually, Belk is the sponsor next year... Coupons to everyone who shows...?
Clemson 24-14...

Hyundai Sun Bowl: For some reason, this game always has something weird and crazy attached to it. Have no idea why. The Game: Miami 27, Notre Dame 23

Nelson: This game means something... to those living in the 1980's...
They tie at 12...

AutoZone Liberty Bowl: At least the BBQ is good in Memphis. The Game: Georgia 38, UCF 28

Nelson: UGA best beware of the coach with the limp handshake...
"How we doin'?" UCF 34-24...

Chick-fil-A Bowl: This is always a good game and it always sells out. It's actually a pretty fun experience. But wouldn't any event that gives away Chick-fil-a sandwich's as the press meal? The Game: S.Carolina 34, FSU 23

Nelson: FSU will find a way to lose... if there was a "Wide straight" they'd find it... Sakerlina 30-28

Ticket City Bowl: Huh? Is this just an excuse for the old Cotton Bowl stadium to have a game or what? Texas Tech 31, Northwestern 21

Nelson: Yes, it is... Texas Tech 34-28

Outback Bowl: The people running this game are insane, but it's kinda tough to top the halftime meal. Steaks and potato's for everybody! The Game: Penn St. 21, Florida 17

Nelson: Agreed... this may be the fastest bowl game of the season... Penn State 21-10

Capital One Bowl: Never been able to figure out how this is considered a prestige game. But it is...and has been. Go figure. The Game: Alabama 31, Michigan St. 20

Nelson: I think Bama is angry enough to take out some frustrations on the Dantonios.

Progressive Gator Bowl: Suppose it's better than the Regressive one. The Game: Miss.St. 38, Michigan 31

Nelson: This game will get Rich-Rod fired... MSU 21-17

Ladies and Gentleman....Your Corrupt BCS:

Rose Bowl presented by Vizio: Who are you? Who who who who? Who are you? Who who who who. Sorry, got distracted. This Game: TCU 41, Wisconsin 33

Nelson: Wisconsin pulls it out late... 35-31

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: Kinda partial to the Lime flavored ones myself. Just sayin'. The Game: Oklahoma 43, UConn 21

Nelson: UConn is taking a bath on this one financially, and they'll do it on the field, too... 45-24...

Discover Orange Bowl: This game was much more fun when it was at the old Orange Bowl. With the killer halftime show.  The Game: Stanford 24, Va. Tech 21

Nelson: Angry Stanford does their best on Tyrod Taylor... 31-21...

Allstate Sugar Bowl: Tough to beat New Orleans for New Years...if only that was when they played the game. The Game: Arkansas 43, Ohio St. 28

Nelson: How many years in a row can TOSU get beat by an SEC squad...???
Arkansas 41-27...

More Non-BCS Crap Games: Bowl: What are the odds Danica Patrick is here. Really that would be the only reason to go. The Game: Miami (OH) 23, MTSU 17

Nelson: No Mike Hayward means no win... Mit-Soo 24-20

ATT Cotton Bowl: I know. This isn't a crap game like say...the one above it here. The Game: LSU 24, Texas A&M 17

Nelson: This wil find a way to be a crap game... LSU 5-4...

BBVA Compass Bowl: And this was created for and sponsored by whom? The Game: Kentucky 31, Pitt. 21

Nelson: They're a bank... Kentucky 27-20 despite Dion Lewis...

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl: Is that anything like "Fight the Power"? Another of the why games...The Game: Nevada 34, Boston College 21

Nelson: Straight outta Compton, straight into SanFran... Neh-vad-uh 31-20


This might as well be a basketball game. First one to 100 wins. It may go 5 hours...if not longer. Most of the commercial breaks will be longer than the TD drives. Really, aside from TCU you can't argue that these aren't the two best teams. I think last year's Alabama team crushes either one of them...but that's not this year. The only really lamentable part of this is that we have to wait so Frickin' long before they play it.

Your BCS Championship Game: Auburn 64, Oregon 58

Nelson: I absolve myself of a pick because of a vested interest and partiality from TBH...

((Ed--Or abstain from picking--or recuse---or don't want to mess with it))

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