Monday, December 20, 2010

Eagles comeback against Giants, what else can you say?

DeSean Jackson/Courtesy:
Not much. This was kind of mind boggling. Up 31-10, the New York Giants seemingly had their game vs. the Eagles in hand. There was somewhere around 7 minutes left in the game when the unthinkable happened. The Eagles came back. And they won

How did they win? Well, we are glad you asked. They melted. They fell apart. They literally did, everything you could possibly do to lose.

That and Michael Vick got hot. You could point to not playing for an onside kick or not keeping the outside lane shut down so Vick couldn't run away from them. But ultimately, the backbreaker was the last play of the game. Why punter Matt Dodge kicked the ball to DeSean Jackson may always be a mystery, but combine that with the fact that the Giants didn't cover the kick correctly and Jackson returned it for a touchdown, that will haunt Giants coach Tom Coughlin and his team for a long, long time.

New York Post, Page 6
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Oh, by the way, did you see the "Class-less" cover of the New York Post sports page today? While we understand them not being happy about their team losing, really, is there a legitimate excuse for putting together an offensive cover like this?

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The return on video (until it's pulled), thanks YouTube:

DeSean Jackson speaks to Pam Oliver  of FoxSports after the game:

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