Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hmmm...Taylor Martinez's dad can sell Nebraska T-Shirts....

A Corn Fed T-shirt/Courtesy:
((ht: latimes/baxter holmes))

In this day of College football players getting in trouble for selling things with their likenesses or game jersey's...or anything else to raise some spending money...comes this.

According to the LA Times, the father of Nebraska Quarterback Taylor Martinez has a licensing agreement with the sell T-Shirts. And strangely, Taylor's dad, the contract about a year before Taylor "agreed" to come to Nebraska.

And, we might add, Nebraska is apparently one of 4...well, now 3 deals that Casey had to hawk his shirts.

The company is called Corn Fed. You can check them out RIGHT HERE

According to the story, Casey Martinez, may want to find a new business, Nebraska says that they've gotten around $500 dollars in royalties in 3-years from sales.

Read the whole story from the LATimes and Baxter Holmes RIGHT HERE

While technically this doesn't violate any NCAA rules, it sure looks a bit funny. Especially in light of the various stories of athletes selling gear to raise money these days. Never mind the timing with Martinez's arrival in Lincoln. Nobody is accusing Nebraska...or the Martinez family of anything illegal or against the rules, it just looks odd.

For his part, it seems Taylor Martinez and Nebraska might not be a great working arrangement. Martinez has been shaky the past few games and seems to have exhibited a very thin skin when it comes to dealing with his hard line coach, Bo Pelini. We'll see what is in Taylor's future, we are guessing very, very soon.

It's not spectacular, quality video, because it's off a TV, but here is why Martinez and Pelini seem to be at odds:

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