Monday, December 20, 2010

UConn ties consecutive wins record

Maya Moore/Courtesy: Josh Wolke, Hartford Courant
And they'll probably break it in their next game. The most dominant program in Women's NCAA Basketball continued mowing down all kinds of win records after beating Ohio State 81-50 on Sunday.

The Lady Huskies have only broken a sweat a few times this season en route to a 10-0 record this season. However the bigger number is 88. 88 in a row. 88 games since they've lost. 88 times, they've taken care of business. 88 is the amount of games UCLA's men's team won in the early 70's which is by far, the all-time record of consecutive wins...until now.

The roster has turned over, most of the players are new, but they keep winning. This years team has the best player in the game, Maya Moore. The one constant is the coach, Geno Auriemma. Say what you will about him, he's not liked by everyone because he says what's on his mind, but he wins. He continues to win and shows no sign of that changing.

Check out the Hartford Courant's story about yesterday's game RIGHT HERE

One thing that came out of this game was Auriemma's rant about his team being ignored or looked down on because it's Women's Hoops. Honestly, he's not totally wrong. And anyone who looks down on this accomplishment shouldn't consider themselves a Sports fan. In any sports, what this team and program has done is nothing short of amazing and they should get the respect and coverage that an accomplishment like this deserves.

Whether the national media and the 4-letter word (ESPN) gives you the love you deserve or not, we, Coach Auriemma and Lady Huskies give you as much respect and props as we can. You've got one more game to make the record your own. Now go take care of business Tuesday against Florida State.

Your game highlights from the one and only ESPN:

Here is post-game with Coach Geno Auriemma talking about the disparity in opinions about women't basketball (I'm being more polite than he was), he may not say it the right way, but the point is vaild...and oh, so very true:

Thank You ESPN:

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