Monday, December 20, 2010

It's going to be a Snowy Night in Minnesota

Vikings Players on field Sunday/Courtesy: jerry hold/Star Tribune.
And really, the only reason this game will be interesting is because of the weather conditions.

We all know about how cold it's been in a good chunk of the Midwest, South and Northeast this month and we've all seen the pictures of the Minneapolis Metrodome.

Also, we know the Bears and Vikings are playing tonight (Monday) on the University of Minnesota's field. A field that up until a couple days ago was completely snow covered and frozen. Well, it's now defrosted and at least for the time being, sans snow.

Brother Jon reported Sunday about Vikings punter Chris Kluwe tweeting that the field appeared "Unplayable". However, he's a punter, he doesn't "Really" play on it.

Now comes word that along with the cold, you should expect snow Monday night. In fact, up to 8-inches of snow is expected, with a half-inch per hour coming down during the game. Hehehehe....

Your morning update from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, is RIGHT HERE

We think the whining player part of this story is hilarious. We would ask if any of them realize that the Vikings played outdoors for a long, long time, but we suspect they've been told that this week.

Really, the bigger story, is going to be how people sitting in chairs trying to watch will deal with it. At least the players will be moving and have heaters. Yeah, the field is going to be hard. No argument there, but it is part of it. You've got pads guys, deal with it.

Here is your Monday/Tuesday weather forecast from the folks at :

For a reminder of football at Metropolitan Stadium, where the Vikings used to play. Here is a clip of the Browns/Vikings game from 1980

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