Thursday, December 30, 2010

Illinois actually wins Texas Bowl...Yeah, there is such a game

QB Nathan Scheelhaase and RB Mikel Leshoure/Courtesy: Darrell
If we come off sounding sarcastic or anything else about the plethora of strange and odd bowl games, it because of games like this.

Sure, it's a great capper to a rebound season for Illinois, from 3-9 in 2009 to a 7-6 record this season is a nice comeback and the Zooker and his Illini do have reason to be proud of that. That 7th win came Wednesday night when they pounded Baylor, 38-14 in the Texas Bowl.

Your MVP, Illinois RB Mikel Leshoure, who ran for 184 yards and scored 3 times.

More on the game from RIGHT HERE

If you actually stayed up Wednesday night and watched this game, good for you. You are either a hardcore, football alum from one of these schools or a crazed football addict with nothing better to do. We aren't trying to be haters, but think about it.

Anyway, yeah, sorry we are being grouchy about this, but we...or at least I don't think there should be 836 Bowl games every year. Sorry, I just don't. But hey, if it makes you happy, then great, congrats on a good win Illinois and as for Baylor...we thought you were better than that.

Here's your look at the game, thanks to our friends at the Big Ten Network...
((HT: BTN/Youtube))

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