Monday, February 7, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Mike Munchak your new Titans Head Coach

Mike Munchak/Courtesy:
No, it really wasn't much of a surprise, he's been the frontrunner all along. The Tennessee Titans, according to published reports are hiring Mike Munchak, the now former offensive line coach, to be the teams next head coach, replacing Jeff Fisher.

The story from WKRN-TV RIGHT HERE

Like we said, this wasn't a surprise. Munchak, who has been either a player or coach for the Franchise since back when they were in Houston as the Oilers, has been with owner Bud Adams since 1982. He's a very smart guy who is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

We didn't expect the Titans to bring someone else in unless Munchak completely tanked his interview. Adams is known for sticking with people familiar to him, heck Fisher was the coac for 16-years.

We'll update this story as a Press Conference is more than likely going to happen later on Monday.

In the meantime, enjoy this oldie but goodie...

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