Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cavaliers lose again...26 and counting...

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It was a game that some people thought might be the one. The one to break what is now about to become the all-time pro sports record for most consecutive losses.

The Cleveland Cavaliers put up barely a fight in losing Wednesday night to Detroit, 103-94. It ties the Cavs with the Tampa Bay Bucs, who lost the first 26 games they ever played in the 70's. It gets worse. Not only do they tie, and more than likely pass the record later this week, they've now lost 36 of their past 37.

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Really, there isn't much more that you can say about this other than what has been said. If the Cavs win 2 more games this year, they avoid the worst NBA record of all-time. But we are beginning to wonder if that will happen. They are now 8-45 on the year. Which means at one point this season, they were 7-8.

Seemingly, it's no one issue that is causing this collapse. They've been competitive in a lot of games and then they've had a bunch of turkeys too, where they almost didn't show up. In the NBA, if you don't have the talent the other team does, you still have a chance to win...if you are willing to work harder than the team that you are playing. The Cavaliers either don't understand or aren't willing to do that.

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