Monday, February 14, 2011

Cinderella Story Out Of Nowhere Wins At Pebble Beach, And D.A. Points

D.A. Points received a thrill of a lifetime winning his first tournament on the PGA Tour by capturing the AT&T Pro-Am title at Pebble Beach. Points takes home a sizable check of $1.134 million, not bad.

This is a Pro-Am and Points' partner was actor/comedian Bill Murray. 30 years ago he portrayed Carl Spackler, the greens keeper at Bushwood Country Club, in the movie Caddyshack. A favorite scene for those of us in the OSG HQ was this one, it's a classic. (Thanks IvestingWithDave/

Well Sunday life imitated art as Murray became that "Cinderella Story" winning the AT&T Pro-Am with his partner D.A. Points.

Here's Peter Kostis' interview with the winners. (Thanks CBS

By the way, Murray gives a tip of the hat to Vijay Singh,

"I've won all kind of things, nothing that I could cash in at a pawn shop but I've won a couple of Pro-Am kind of things." Murray said in a post tournament press conference. "We were the low girls at the Boys & Girls Club tournament on Monday. I got pro shop credit, you know what I'm saying. I'll get a vest that's marked down or something."

"And in the course of the round Monday, I played a few good holes early, and then really lost my swing and it was ugly. Big, flying mud and everything, it was terrible. And he thought I would go back and start hitting some balls and there was Vijay Singh on the range. I've known Vijay a long time and I'm friendly with him. And I would never go like, "Hey, you big Fijian, help me out here."

"But he saw me, sort of struggling and he came over and he said one thing, and I did it, and then about three minutes later he says another thing, and I did it and then about four minutes later, he said another thing and I did it, and I never hit the ball that well in my entire life. And I just thought, holy cow, I don't know how you can play this long and get something that late that can work. That's basically why I'm up here today drinking wine and looking for another glass."

So I guess "The Big Fijian" will be cast in Murray's next movie. He owes Singh.

Photo Courtesy: AP

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