Thursday, February 10, 2011

DEVELOPING: Bonds Indictment Now 5 Charges

Down from 11...

In a court filing Thursday, federal prosecutors filed another revised indictment against Bonds, who is scheduled to stand trial starting on March 21st.

In their third indictment now, they reduced from nine to three the number of charges alleging Bonds perjured himself when he testified that he never knowingly took any kind of PEDs.

He is still charged with perjury for telling the grand jury that no one other than his doctor ever stuck a needle in his body and the ever-popular and equally nebulous charge that he "obstructed the grand jury's investigation into sports doping with his allegedly misleading testimony."

That's just a long way of saying "obstruction of justice..."
The HQ thinks...

Here's Rome burning on Barry Bones back in 2007... and, yes, it seems to have taken this long to get to this particular time and place...
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