Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So, It's Farmers Field...???

((HT: MyFoxLA/KTTV))

The HQ would go after the "If you build it..." joke, but that didn't quite work for the AEG-owned arena in Kansas City yet...???

AEG held a press conference saying that the new name of their soon-hopefully-to-be-built football stadium is going to be named after these folks...

To the tune of US$700-million over 30 years when it comes to pass...

The estimated $1 billion project would be privately financed, with AEG officials repeatedly saying it would not be funded with taxpayer dollars.

"We will privatize the stadium, no hidden agendas," said AEG President and CEO Tim Leiweke. "It will be paid for completely privately, we promise."

$300-million or so in bonds will have to be floated for the new construction of the West Wing of the Convention Center complex, but that will come from an entity created by the LA city government.

Here's Bob DeCastro at the presser...

New Stadium to be Named Farmers Field: MyFoxLA.com

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