Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wake Forest Coach donates kidney to player

Kevin Jordan/Courtesy: wakeforestsports.cstv.com
This, is what it is all about. Wake Forest baseball coach Tom Walter did something that it is safe to say not many coaches would do for one of their players, he donated a kidney.

Incoming freshman outfielder Kevin Jordan had been diagnosed in April with a form of Kidney disease called ANCA vacsculitis. It got bad enough that it needed to be removed. When Jordan's family and their hospital had trouble finding a donor that matched, in stepped Walter.

They got word 10 days ago...Walter was a match. Yesterday, February 7th, the surgery took place in Atlanta, Georgia at the Emory University Hospital.

Read more on this incredible story from the Winston-Salem Journal RIGHT HERE

Tom Walter/Courtesy: wake forest athletics
This is the type of story that would make a lot of people well up with tears. Us included. There are few words that can speak to the kindness and generosity of Tom Walter. There are not many more that can describe the courage and fearlessness exhibited by Kevin Jordan.

We wish both men nothing but the best. The two families will forever be bonded through this experience. No, this is not something every coach could do for one of their players. But the fact that this worked out is both moving and gives you hope. Hope that there are good people out there. People that want to do the right thing and people that truly care about one another.

We would wish both men and families luck, but they've already been blessed more than any words we could say.

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