Monday, February 7, 2011

Your Super Bowl Commercial Re-cap...

Well, we'll add our opinions to the 14,312 other columnists and experts that have chimed in with their opinions about the other part of watching the Super Bowl...watching the commercials.

We fully realize that these are as much of a draw for people as the game itself. However, we are of the opinion that much like the pre-game show, they failed to deliver.

That being said, there were some we liked. Big shout out to CrashtheSuperBowl for helping with this:

The Doritios Pug. An early entry and really funny.

You may not be a fan of Eminem or Chrysler...or even Detroit, but the storytelling here and imagery was awesome. Very, very well done spot.

We also like the Pepsi Max spots. This one was really good.

And so was this one:

But like everyone else, we can't resist this one. Bravo Volkswagen, very well done.

There were some real stinkers too. A lot of Marketing guys should be considering career changes after approving these.

Groupon. Who told you this would be funny and well received? You just wasted a couple million dollars.

HomeAway. Someone thought this was funny? Really? Test baby?

While we liked the Pug, the other Doritos ads bordered on the Homophobic....

That's what we think. What do you think? Tell us if we missed one....

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