Monday, April 11, 2011

DEVELOPING: Judge to NFL and NFLPA--You will Mediate!

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And before you say it, Rocco Mediate has nothing to do with this. It's something we talked about in our daily morning NFL Strike/Lockout update.

As most every reporting outlet alive reported...within the past hour, Federal Court Judge Susan Nelson has ordered the NFL, it's owners and the NFLPA again to sit with a mediator and try sorting out their differences.

She's appointed Chief Magistrate Arthur Boylan to hear from both sides of this issue, in his courtroom Thursday morning. Judge Nelson also made it clear that "the fact of participation in this court-ordered mediation and any communications between the parties in this process, shall not be admitted or used against any party in any other proceeding or forum for any purpose". And she said that so the NFLPA (not a union), couldn't be considered one by the owners, who say it is, in any talks.

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This whole issue is quickly getting buried in legalese. Honestly, its been hard for anyone to understand from the get-go. That's why we are so angry and most everyone has tuned this out. Because its lawyer talk and...well...everyone hates lawyers.

To put this in as best simple English we can: Hey Players! Hey Owners! Just cause you don't want to talk, doesn't matter. You have to talk now. And behave. And act like grownups. And figure out what the differences are. And compromise until you can agree on something.

Is that so hard? Hopefully both parties will come in and not act like spoiled children, but we would never take bets on that. We'll wait...and see how it all plays out.

For those wondering about "Mediate"---we give you INXS

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