Monday, April 11, 2011

Jose Canseco and his brother to run Minor League team

Jose Canseco=Dumbass
And the headline pretty much sums up the story in this case. The key is the words "Minor League". In a half-hearted effort to draw attention to themselves, the Yuma Scorpions of the North American League, announced today that their manager this season will be none other than alleged Baseball legend Jose Canseco. And twin brother Ozzie will be his hitting coach, lest there be confusion between the two.

More from the Scorpions website themselves RIGHT HERE

This is oddly sad and pathetic at the same time. We know full well that this is a pure publicity stunt by the Scorpions, though we are quite sure the brothers Canseco were willing to work for anyone willing to pay them. The bigger question is why would anyone in Yuma, Arizona be dying to go to a baseball game just because these clowns are there?

According to the story, not only will Jose manage, he'll be either the DH or First Baseman too. The official announcement is set for 2pm (Az. Time) on Tuesday.

We could go on all-day ranting about the lunatic idiocy know as the Canseco brothers, but we won't. Their track record speaks for itself. We just wonder if they are using this gig to pay off the boxing promoter in South Florida who they tried to pull a double switch on last month.

If you need proof that the Canseco's will do anything for a buck...then watch this:

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