Monday, April 4, 2011

Mr. Rodman goes to the Hall, will it ever be the same?

Dennis Rodman

Really? Dennis Rodman? To the Basketball Hall of Fame? Yeah, we know, he was a pretty good basketball player in his time. But he was mostly a rebounder and defender. Yes, we know he won a couple of titles with the Detroit Pistons.

But the man is a loon.

Now in the interest of equal time, we should mention that there were several others elected to Hall and announced to an astonished gathered media in Houston this morning.

Among those going in in Rodman's class: Chris Mullin, Tex Winter, Ron Magee, Artis Gilmore, Teresa Edwards, Arvydas Sabonis, former Globetrotter Goose Tatum and Satch Sanders.

But none of the aforementioned make you say "Huh?", like Mr. Rodman. All were good solid ballplayers and/or coaches who achieved varying levels of greatness and hopefully are well known to basketball fans and aficionados.

We won't even touch on his post-basketball accomplishments...or attempts at them. From Grade Z Movie Actor to the poster boy for celebrity death pools. We await the betting pool that forms asking the question

Dennis Rodman, member of the "Bad Boys" and human tatoo and piercing subject and now Basketball Hall of Famer. It just has a really odd sound to it.

All we can really say to this is "Can't wait for the induction ceremony"....

In the interim, Rodman actually got his number retired last week by the Detroit Pistons, here's some video of that ceremony:

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Atlanta Roofing said...

Well deserved! Great points by everybody who has posted here so far. I think that some people let The Worm’s image and antics cloud their better judgment. Furthermore, you can’t just look at stats; you have to watch the game. Even if you did just look at stats you could make a great case Rodman being in the Hall unless you’re only looking at PPG, but you got to watch the games, bottom line. This puts my faith back in the Hall voters, it doesn’t matter what any nay-sawyer may say now, and Dennis Rodman is a Hall of Famer. And nobody can take that away.