Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NC State settles for Mark Gottfried

Mark Gottfried/Courtesy: al.com
Congratulations. Wow, that's an inspired choice. Oh, wait, there weren't any "Big Name" coaches left? Really, did someone tell Debbie Yow that?

Well, the day after the NCAA Championship game, North Carolina State has found their man....at least for now. And that man is former Alabama coach Mark Gottfried. To his credit, Gottfried did get 'Bama to the NCAA Tourney 5-times in 11-years. Not stellar, but what can you do?

NBC-17 in Raleigh confirms the story RIGHT HERE

Apparently there is a 5pm presser scheduled in Raleigh for the announcement.

Sorry about the facetiousness of the beginning of this story, but we find this somewhat funny. The Wolfpack alumni just assumed that after letting go Sidney Lowe that great coaches would just flock to them. They didn't. And they never were going to.

While we understand they had success back in the 70's and 80's and few odd moments since, this isn't a "Top Level" ACC job. Can Gottfried get them to the North Carolina/Duke level? We doubt it. He couldn't get Alabama over the top, does anyone think that is going to change?

Basketball fans and in particular college fans need to understand, unlike football, the playing field is pretty even in hoops. There is no "BCS" keeping the mid-majors from competing for a title. And that's why NCAA Hoops is fun. Neither Butler....nor VCU would ever have been in the Tournament, much less the Final Four if Basketball worked like football does.

In the meantime, Wolfpack fans, enjoy your Mark Gottfried. We wish you luck. Maybe he will stumble across that miracle recruit than will bring you back to your past glory. But don't hold your breath...

Most of you...and us are probably too old to remember David "Skywalker" Thompson and when NC State was huge. Here's a reminder:

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