Monday, April 11, 2011

Terrelle Pryor having second thoughts about staying at Ohio State

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It's been a tough last 6 months for the Ohio State Buckeyes and it doesn't look like their run of bad luck is ending anytime soon.

A report put out today from the National Football Post says that star Quarterback Terrelle Pryor, he of the tattoo incident and 5-game suspension to start the 2011 season, is having second thoughts about staying in Columbus for his senior season.

According to the Post, Pryor is weighing the option of entering the NFL Supplemental Draft. They say he's not sold on the idea...yet.

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We think this may just be young Mr. Pryor getting antsy and realizing he's not going to be playing football for awhile. Considering all the problems the NFL is currently happening (See our Lockout/Strike series of stories), there's no guarantee that there will even be a Supplemental draft this year.

Unfortunately, Mr. Pryor....or his advisors are seriously over-estimating his future NFL Prospects. We've read numerous reports that say if he's going to have a chance at the next level, it will be at a position other than quarterback. We don't believe there is anything other than he's just not very good attached to that buzz, but we hope someone in his camp has heard this.

At this point, he'd be best served staying in Columbus and either getting his degree or getting closer to getting it, the opportunity to do that, will never be greater.

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