Sunday, April 3, 2011

UConn can...beat Kentucky that is, to go to the NCAA Finals

It wasn't pretty, but as they say "A Win is a Win". Particularly if it is in the national semi-finals and propels you into the NCAA Championship game.

And the Connecticut Huskies can say that's exactly what they did. They won, 56-55 over a Kentucky team that apparently couldn't hit the broad side of a barn...if they were standing next to it on Saturday night. The Wildcats shot a heart warming 9-32 in the 1st half, before getting a little better in half 2. Kemba Walker, as usual, led UConn with 18.

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This sets up an interesting finals with UConn, a team that has had some issues this year and some issues with the NCAA. Issues that have yet to be fully addressed.

They'll play everyone's favorite Cinderella, Butler, who you really should probably stop calling "Cinderella", cause folks, they may not be the "Big Name" school, but those guys can play some hoops.

Tip off Monday is just after 9pm, for those looking to stay up late.

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