Monday, April 4, 2011

Your NFL Strike Update: Catching up on the stupidity (Rich vs. Rich--Day 23)

Hunter Hillenmeyer/Courtesy: chicago images
When we left the dramatic soap opera that the parties represented prefer to call a lockout, there was not much going on.

That hasn't changed...much.

We did learn a few things, some of which have us scratching our collective heads. We suspect once you hear about them, you'll have a similar reaction.

On the heels of the NFL Owners claiming they'd be "Open to resuming negotiations"...comes this tidbit courtesy of ESPN's John Clayton. Though for some unexplained reason, it is buried at the end of his usually interesting column.

According to Mr. Clayton, the players had planned a meeting with the owners, set for March 28th to try and spend the week fixing things. Essentially, they sent a document to the judge hearing the April 6th lawsuit to say the NFLPA's (not a union) executive board would serve as the players advisors, the league said "No".

You can read Professor Clayton's column, but scroll to the's RIGHT HERE

Meanwhile, back at Stately Wayne Manor, we found a story on Friday night, that again made us shake our collective heads.

Pro Football Talk relayed a story/column that former Chicago Bear Hunter Hillenmeyer posted on the NBC Chicago website.

In said story, Mr. Hillenmeyer said the NFLPA (Not a Union!) said "No" when the owners offered to release some, but not all of their financial information.

According to Mr. Hillenmeyer, the players said "No", not because they were afraid that if they were willing to even look at it, then the perception would be the players got what they wanted. Essentially, it was, as we've said from the beginning...all about the P.R.

Ooops, forgot to post a link to Hillenmeyer's full commentary, it's RIGHT HERE

It is amazing to us that with the rants and the obvious perception by most not involved with either side directly, that they are willing to openly admit and do the things they are doing. Are they stupid? Oh...wait, both sides think WE'RE stupid.

Sorry, this is idiotic. Why should anyone empathize with either side in this moronic argument. The players keep trying to play the "Shit-upon" card and quite honestly, nobody buys it. With the exception of the guys on the practice squad, the rest of you make more money than any of us ever will. If you ever showed even the slightest interest in investing, saving and spending your money wisely, you might have us....but you don't.

As for the owners. There is not a single rich person, and all owners are rich, alive on the planet that we will ever empathize with. It pains us to no end that in the NFL, much like in American business, its not enough to make a profit. You have to continue making more profit, eventually getting to the point of having to shit on everyone else to make sure that profit growth continues. Sorry, that's just fundamentally wrong. We fully realize that it is the economic system the country is founded on. But maybe, just maybe, that's the reason we are all in the mess we're now in.

Just sayin'.

We just want to remind everyone that you may end up with enjoy a clip from the aforementioned title/movie:

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