Monday, April 11, 2011

Your NFL Strike Update: Forced to sit together (Rich vs. Rich--Day 28)

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Yeah, we did say we were going to scale these back, but there is News to report I tell ya....News to report.

Late on Sunday word trickled out from our friends at the 4-letter word (ESPN)--Adam Schefter specifically, that the judge in last Wednesday's hearing in Minneapolis is going to tell the NFL owners and the NFLPA (not a union), to prepare to be mediated again.

For those who don't read sarcasm, that would be Judge Susan Nelson is going to force both sides in the NFL Labor dispute to go back to the table with a mediator.

The part of this nobody knows yet, who's going to do the mediating? The players want it to be someone assigned from the court and for it to happen in Minneapolis so it can be a part of their already filed lawsuit with the hope if there's an agreement, it would settle the suit. The owners, they want to go back to Washington D.C and Federal Mediator George Cohen.

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Here's the letter the NFL sent to the court with their reasoning RIGHT HERE

Your logic from the NFLPA (Not a Union!)--RIGHT HERE

Ok. So. The assembled media masses are all breathless now with anticipation, believing we may be closer to a resolution. We hope they are right, but don't think so.

No matter which way Judge Nelson decides to go with the "Imposed" mediation, someone isn't going to be happy. And the risk with that is they decide that "We didn't get our way, so we aren't going to be nice about it". Not that either side has been childish in this dispute at any time (note: sarcasm).

So, we'll wait with baited breath to see what the next step is. We suspect the pace of stories on this subject will pick up soon with the NFL draft a mere couple weeks away.

In the name of repetition in this story and interminable continuing counting of days, we give you the "Buckwheat Scenario".

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