Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Your NFL Strike Update: Going legal on your ass (Rich vs. Rich--Day 24)

Drew Brees/Courtesy: funcrunch.com
Tomorrow is the day, and at the risk of blowing up our potential preview story tomorrow morning, we decided today might be a good day to explain the legal issues about the face Federal Judge Susan Nelson's court in Minneapolis come tomorrow (Wednesday).

Not that we totally understand them, but we are pretty sure we aren't supposed to.

Here's your primer from Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post explaining things RIGHT HERE

1st off, the question of what the NFLPA (Not a union anymore), actually is. As we all know, they decertified themselves so that they could justify filing a lawsuit and to call the owners "Lockout" in to play as being illegal.

Since we are nowhere near legal scholarship level, we have no idea how this "Technically" will play out. However the only difference it seems between the NFLPA a month ago and the NFLPA today is that the word "Union" isn't supposed to be applied.

The rest of the claim from Mr. Brady, Brees, Manning, Miller and 7 others is all open to interpretation. We are somewhat of the belief the players will win in court, they seem to always win in this particular Federal Court in Minneapolis.

However what it means if they do....is anybody's guess.

We should add, the latest court development is that Judge Nelson will allow a separate suit filed by NFL Alumni to be combined with the current players class action. The alums filed suit to try and cover themselves in case this drags out for a year. If for some stupid reason it did: They'd lose their benefits.

Meanwhile, back at stately Wayne Manor, we come across an argument, debate or just a plain name calling battle that is apparently being waged between NFL Hall of Fame linebacker Sam Huff and New Orleans Saints quarterback and NFLPA Plaintiff Drew Brees.

Mr. Huff is apparently offended that Brees is one of the players "Front men", because of some comments Brees made to USA Today back in 2009.

Read his story from the Washington Post RIGHT HERE

We have to say that Mr. Huff makes a really good point here. And while we've continually said that the players need to be more responsible for their money, we probably should clarify that statement by adding "Current" or "Recent" players in front of it.

Players from Mr. Huff's area are the one's who need the most help and there is a reason for that. They didn't enjoy the astronomical salaries that todays generation of NFL Player does. They played because they loved what they did. And it took a toll physically on them, much like the current players. But when you make $60,000 in a season as opposed to $600,000 in a season, it's a lot easier to understand why the older alumni need the help they are asking for.

Let's hope the two preening groups (Owners and players) can agree to take care of those guys, they deserve it. As for the current generation: If you make $1 million a year and can't afford health insurance, then maybe, just maybe, you are doing something wrong.

If want to know a little more about Mr. Huff, then check out this NFL Films video:

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