Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Your NFL Strike Update: It ain't over yet! (Rich vs. Rich--Day 25)

Despite the potential happy talk from your local TV station or Newspaper, in all its regal stupidity, this "Lockout" isn't going to be over today.

Yes, we are fully aware that today is the day the "Class-Action" suit filed by the group of 11 players and the now combined suit from various NFL Alumni against the owners goes to court. Well, the advance "Injunction" part of it anyway. To be specific, it goes to Federal Judge Susan Nelson's courtroom in Minneapolis, where you'll get to see and hear from every "So-called" NFL Insider/Expert on TV and Newspapers/Internet.

Read this nice primer by our friends at Pro Football Talk RIGHT HERE

The question everyone wants to know is, will the lockout end today? No. It won't. The best guess by most is the injunction will be "Stayed" and the case will move to appeal. What does that mean? It means no matter what Judge Nelson says, one side is going to appeal and that alone, will drag this out an undetermined amount of time. Oh, we may get some clarification as to what exactly the NFLPA (not a union) actually is now too.

Now, mind you, the injunction is just a way for either side to say this is how we are going to proceed while the lawsuit winds through the courts. It doesn't impact that lawsuit, one that could drag on for a couple of years.

But, in theory, it could force the owners to open their doors in a few days.

So--we haven't ranted because we are explaining, so let's get to the bottom line: Will these two sides ever resolve this dispute. Yes. When will the resolve it? God knows. To quote Steve Spurrier--"Hope-fully" they will agree to sit down and talk after this...or Judge Nelson will compel them to.

Either way, we've said from day 1, this is STUPID. We've got two allegedly "Aggrieved" parties who've spent the better part of the past month whining about each other. And because of that, they've decided, "We don't want to talk to you---go away". So they have.

If they'd only stop acting like 2nd graders and act like grown-ups they could easily resolve this. (No side picking today) But we don't think they will. There is nothing more bitter, more spiteful or more evil than rich...spoiled kids acting like,, spoiled children.

What could be more appropriate as a set-up video than this?

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