Thursday, April 14, 2011

Your NFL Strike Update--Lawyers for the Win! (Rich vs. Rich--Day 30 something)

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And the beat goes on.

Today is the day that lawyers for the NFL, the NFLPA and Sportswriters around the world wait for with baited breath: Mediation Day.

Both sides in this highly IDIOTIC drama will be in a Minneapolis court room with U.S Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan and will try to find middle ground in their moronic disagreement.

Many are speculating on what this all means. The general feeling is that the Owners need to step up and take this a little more seriously. Federal Court Judge Susan Nelson let the league and its owners know she was not thrilled with their failure to bring "Decision Makers" to the last round of mediation in Washington D.C.

You can read more on this issue from the most excellent Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports, RIGHT HERE

There's an overwhelming concern that if the league/owners don't step up here, they are going to lose in court. And it raises an issue for them that they cower in fear from: Anti-trust.

Sure, they'll appeal any decision that doesn't come down in their favor, and it will drag things out further. But it will also weaken their case considerably in the public eye. (If there is a discerning public eye on this)

Does it mean we can get back to the business of Football soon? Probably not. We don't expect there to be an agreement here, partially because the players hold the better hand. And both sides are arrogant...and pigheaded enough to stand pat and let the cards fall where they may.

Sorry, no angry rants here. And just so you know, you won't be getting a Friday update...or one over the weekend. We'll be out of pocket and without a computer.

So we got that going for us.

We reiterate our suggestion to both sides here:

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