Friday, April 1, 2011

Your NFL Strike Update: Mainstream media validation (Rich vs. Rich--Day 21?)

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Is it a bad thing that we are losing track of days? But the lockout/strike continues and we are continuing our 5 day a week look at mocking the stupidity that is accompanying this story.

In today's adventure, we talk about validation. Not in the traditional sense mind you, just that there are some out there who are starting to talk about the things that we've been talking about all along.

We give you today's example, a story from talking about how the "Mainstream", big-time reporting outlets are getting played like a drum from both sides of this argument. It's a good read.

Check out Paul Domowitch's story RIGHT HERE

The example Mr. Domowitch cites is a good one, but there has been far, far more "Using" of the media. The prime example(s) would be the "High-Profile" guys like Adam Schefter, Chris Mortensen, Peter King and others.

The reason I bring them up, is more focused on comments made by King in his fantastic column "Monday Morning Quarterback" hinting that an agreement was a lot closer and could be done a lot sooner than all us "Outsiders" think.

Well, that really didn't happen. And apparently never was going to. For their part, the ESPN guys have moved on to the story they really care about, the draft. King, brought the agreement issue up once or twice when the lockout was getting close, and hasn't mentioned it since.

We know full well the deadline and scoop pressure that these guys are under and are willing to cut them some slack here. However, aside from small blogs such as ours, you really don't hear what the common folk, the people who really drive the game, the season ticket holders/fans have to say or think about this.

In fact, aside from the court case and my 5-day a week rants, there isn't much discussed about this at all. Why? Why has nobody called out both sides of this issue for what they are? We don't have a problem doing it. But then again, we don't have anyone to answer to other than ourselves.

Think about it. Have you really heard anyone talk about the greed of the owners. How they don't seem to be happy making money, they want more. And how they claim they want and need more to help pay off stadiums, stadiums mostly paid for on the backs of whom? You, the taxpayer, the ticket buyer who lives near your given team.

As for the you hear anyone say "They never had any intention of coming to an agreement?". No. Do you hear anyone ask "Why do you need to be provided with a bigger portion of the split?" "Is not the average salary of well over $1.5 million a year not enough to provide for yourself?"

No, we maintain that everyone is protecting their best interest, as they should. The part that pisses us...and others not as vocal off, is that both sides say they are on our side. They aren't.

Baseball just kicked off, and while they aren't so perfect either, it doesn't cost a weeks pay to go see a baseball game. It does to go see the NFL. We honestly don't think the NFL or the Owners care about this. We think they'd much prefer corporate high-rollers be there and buy luxury suites. But, that, while a portion of their business, isn't what sustains them. No, it's the person buying the $100 upper deck end zone seat who pays $10 for their beer and $8 for their hot dog. It doesn't work without that. If only someone other than us would admit it....

With that in mind, enjoy Aerosmith--Eat the Rich!

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