Thursday, April 7, 2011

Your NFL Strike Update: Nothing Changes (Rich vs. Rich-Day 26)

Owners Counsel David Boies
We are moving quickly towards using the "Buckwheat Scenario" again if nothing changes here.

As most of you who are Sports Fans know, the NFL and the NFLPA (not a union) finally were in the same room yesterday (Wednesday). The reason they were in the same room, a court hearing in Minneapolis on the players attempt at getting an injunction and their lawsuit against the NFL and its owners heard.

And as many of you know, Federal Court Judge Susan Nelson listened to both sides, asked some questions and just like we predicted said it would be a couple of weeks before she could decide.

We're shocked., really we aren't, this is what we thought would happen.

The NFLPA didn't have a direct response to this, but the NFL did: You can read it RIGHT HERE

What Judge Nelson did say to both sides here was "It seems to me both sides are at risk and this is a very good time for you to come back to the table" Unfortunately both sides interpreted this a bit differently.


Are you as shocked as we were? No, we didn't think so. The NFL thought it meant, get back to trying to negotiate on the collective bargaining agreement. The NFLPA however had a different interpretation. Listen to what one of the players' attorneys, Jeffery Kessler had to say about the judges comments: "Litigation settlement discussions, not collective bargaining".

So, what does this mean?

Pretty much nothing. On the good side, we probably will get to hear from the judge again about where the lawsuit stands. On the bad, its pretty obvious that we are dealing with 10-year olds here.

We've said from day 1 that this is all about ego's and essentially has become a game of chicken. We stand by that. Both sides are saying "If you don't want to play in the sandbox with our toys only, then we aren't getting in the sandbox."

On this issue, we agree with the NFL and the owners. We don't agree with everything they say, but at least they are willing to talk. The NFLPA (not a union), won't talk unless it is about their precious lawsuit. And while we get the notion of sticking to your guns, there is no legitimate reason to not at least talk unless you don't have any intention of doing anything unless a judge tells you to.

In today's scorecard....Owners win. NFLPA=Whiny bitches

For those of you not familiar with the "Buckwheat Scenario"--we've used it one other time, the first time Brett Favre contemplated un-retiring. It's a rarely used form of mocking what can only be describes as a repetitive, stupid situation that is getting run into the ground.

However, keep in mind, there is only a limited amount of these videos available on the Internets:

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