Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Your NFL Strike Update--Sabotage? (Rich vs. Rich--Day 28)

Owners Counsel David Boies//Courtesy: File
We were going to steer clear of an NFL Strike story today...until we came across this. According to CBSSports.com columnist Mike Freeman, the NFL is trying to "Sabotage" the NFLPA, who is having a series of events in conjunction with the April 28th NFL Draft.

Per Mr. Freeman, the league, or at least personnel from the teams are alleged to be telling potential draftees to stay away from the NFLPA (Not a union) event.

This of course would be after the NFLPA was telling draftees to stay away, before deciding to back off. Apparently the NFL hasn't.

Read Mr. Freeman's story from CBSSports.com RIGHT HERE

Hmmm. Okay. Let me get this straight. It's not OK for the NLFPA (not a union) to tell draftees to boycott the draft, but its ok for the NFL to tell draftees to boycott the NFLPA event.

Something tells us this story is a bit of a plant, but we could be wrong. Both sides in this incredibly STUPID lockout have acted...and continue to act quite childish in their quest to sway opinion. What they fail to realize is it just makes us aware of how petty, shallow and desperate they both are.

We just want to know why neither side can keep their collective mouths shut? They really don't get how detached the common fan is from this...do they? We can't relate to you people! You are arguing about incredibly stupid stuff! We are struggling with $4.00 a gallon gas, something that neither the NFL Owners or players have to even worry about.


Here's your damn Sabotage....YOU GREEDY BASTARDS!!!!

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