Monday, June 20, 2011

Auburn football team finally get their bling/ring's...

The Rings/Courtesy:

Well, it took awhile, but then again, if you look at the size and decorations on them, it isn't a total surprise that it took so long for the team to actually get them.

The item(s) in question: The Auburn University National Championship rings. They were given to the 2010 National Championship team at a low key event Sunday night at the school's athletic facilities.

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Most college football fans already know the story of the 2010 Auburn Tigers, so we will spare you the pontificating. Bottom line, when all was said and done, they were the best team on the field, period. And, for whatever issues Auburn had on the field, we'd rather see them win it then a team such as Ohio State who seems to have taken the questionable off-the field issue thing to a whole new level.

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