Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BREAKING: Antoine Walker Gets Plea Deal

((HT: NBADLeague))

Antoine Walker's Vegas debts have now caught up with him...


He pleaded guilty to passing bad checks to take care of unpaid gambling debts in Las Vegas that he didn't take care of because of the bad checks.

The Las Vegas Sun reports the Idaho Stampedes player is now on probation and will work off the outstanding $750,000.

“Being put on probation, he’ll have a court order to pay the restitution to the casinos,” said Deputy District Attorney Sam Bateman.

The criminal complaint against Walker was filed in 2009, accusing him of having the debts at Caesars Palace, Red Rock and the Planet Hollywood casinos.

It's pretty likely that Walker won't get any jail time in all of this as long as he pays off the debt service. He pleaded not guilty to the six felony counts in June of 2010, before changing his plea.

Here's an interview the D-League did with Walker on his comeback...

In 43 games with the Stampede this past D-League season, Walker averaged 16 points per game. Idaho missed out on the 8th seed in the playoffs in a tie-breaker with their 24-26 record under Randy Livingston.

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