Monday, June 20, 2011

Rory McIroy runs away and hides from field: Your U.S Open Champ

McIlroy drinks from Cup/Courtesy: rorymcilroy-twitter
((ht: Washington Post))

Rory McIroy didn't waste a lot of time exercising the demons from his final round 80 at the Masters by pretty much obliterating the entire field at this weekends U.S Open golf tournament at the Congressional Country Club in suburban Washington D.C

McIlroy, shot a 4 round total of 16 Under Par, taking 268 strokes to walk away with an 8 stroke victory in the tournament one which he was neither pressured or challenged in. He also re-affirmed to those who started questioning, he's possibly the best current golfer in the world.

The U.S Open Trophy/Courtesy: rory mcilroy-twitter
We'll spare you the wrap up details, you've probably read them already. But we will share that the 22-year old McIlroy is also one of the rising pantheon of Social Media savvy golfers. He posted quite a few updates since Sunday evenings win, taking photos of his celebration and posting them on Twitter, along with acknowledging the thousands of congratulatory messages he received.

Cindy Boren of the Washington Post, gives you a snapshot of those posts RIGHT HERE

We hope that McIlroy's win begins to usher in a new reign in Professional Golf. While the "Tiger" (yes, him) era fueled the huge growth curve for golf on pretty much all levels, his days as "King of the Hill" are pretty much over.

McIlroy is part of the next wave, the European invasion, if you will, that will be driving forces in golf for the next several years. The U.S, while hoping for another breakout star, hasn't had one in several years. When the debate is over "Who's the best U.S golfer, Matt Kuchar or Steve Stricker?", then you've got problems. And that is not meant to disparage either golfer, but they aren't going to move the Nielsen all.

So to you, Mr. U.S Golfing fan, we say, "Get used to it" because McIlroy, Luke Donald and other who are currently dominating Pro Golf leader boards aren't going away any time soon.

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Steve said...

McIlroy’s performance at the U.S. Open was truly dominating! He set tournament records for the lowest scores after 36, 54, and 72 holes. I don’t usually watch golf, but found myself tuned to the final two rounds over the weekend. It will be interesting to see what his victory will do for the rest of his career.

phil cantor said...

Based on this and what he did at the Masters, it won't be his 1st major. I'd bet on him being part of the future of golf..