Saturday, June 25, 2011

Who Is Patrick Cantlay And Stop Making The Joke...

It's too easy...

Patrick Cantlay, a UCLA sophomore, shot a course-record 60 to take the lead at 13-under par at the Travelers tournament in Hartford. He is the first amateur to shoot 60 in a PGA Tour event, and only the 24th person ever to card a 60.

Here's how he got there...
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But, now, Cantlay has to answer the questions all over again about his going pro. Last week at the US Open, he said the earliest he would turn pro would be "after I get my degree."

But how 'bout now...???

"I'm going to stay amateur definitely for the Walker Cup," Cantlay said of the premier amateur event in September at Royal Aberdeen. "And my plan is to stay amateur until I finish college."

Here's his presser in full from Friday...
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Cantlay tied the tournament record set by Tommy Bolt in 1954... and that's really cool. What the real question will be is: How much money will he have forfeited in the last two weeks...???

Go Pro Go!!!

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