Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Plancher Trial Day 2: Opening Statements

Any juror in a certain Orlando, Florida courtroom gets to figure out whether University of Central Florida football player Ereck Plancher died during a workout because coaches pushed him too hard knowing he had a medical condition diagnosed as sickle cell trait or whether it was from an unknown heart defect.

Attorneys for the Plancher family claim the university never told their son that he tested positive for sickle cell. They also say coaches and trainers didn't follow proper emergency procedures after Plancher collapsed at practice.

An attorney for UCF said he would show that Plancher died from a congenital heart defect following a "moderate practice."

Here was UCF head coach George O'Leary addressing the early questions brought about by investigations- specifically, one by Mark Fainaru-Wada at ESPN...
((HT: ESPN))

Fainaru-Wada's necessary reading indicated that the school was aware of the condition Plancher had. Those results are here...

He also interviewed two players who were present at the morning workout where Plancher collapsed. James Jamison described two additional drills that the team had never done previously- including a form of gassers wedged in the normal conditioning drills. It was during that section that Plancher collapsed.

A lab report picked up by Fainaru-Wada and the "Outside The Lines" folks confirmed that Plancher was diagnosed with sickle cell trait. Plancher was tested again, and again he tested positive.

The HQ would really like to know where in the blue hell the University of Central Florida thinks they're going to win this case. The HQ also hopes the Planchers get their pound of flesh...

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