Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BREAKING: Rape Charges On FIU Star Dropped

According to WSVN-TV in Miami, the rape charges that were brought on Florida International University hitting star Garrett Wittels will have been dropped when Bahamian officials sign off on the idea no later than Monday...

Wittels and two friends were in the Bahamas last December celebrating the 21st birthday of David Shapiro at a casino. Wittels and his defense team have always maintained that the surveillance tape from the casino would exonerate him and portray two 17-year-old women from Texas as the aggressors in the case.

Prosecutors have not found sufficient evidence to proceed with the case.

The Miami Herald's Siobhan Morrissey has a vital play-by-play of the evening hyah...

From the Herald article:

There is no dispute that sex occurred in the room. The teens say they were roughed up and sexually assaulted as they lapsed into and out of consciousness. The accused say the girls were willing sex partners.

They were there for about an hour, the girls say, before they were ordered to leave. “We got out of the room and someone threw out our items — my purse, my sweater, and [my girlfriend’s] clothing,’’ the girl in the black dress said in her police statement.

The next morning, around 10, the girl in the black dress told her father she had been raped. He called security. Security called police. They picked out Wittels and his four friends from a photo lineup, although just three of them were present in the room.

Those three that were charged will now have those charges dropped...

Here's video from FIU Media Day where it was announced Wittels was clear to play...
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