Monday, June 27, 2011

We're going to be moving

Hey everyone. We just wanted to take a minute here to let everyone know we'll be migrating to a new site over the next couple of weeks.

No, the name won't be much different and the site will look pretty much like this one. It's something that we need to do because of the limitations of BlogSpot. We're still staying with them, it will just be on a new page that will help us, we hope, be more active and get some more traffic.

The new site is pretty simple to remember:

We'll still deliver the same interesting content in the same slightly, on occasion, off-beat way. So tell your friends, tell your family or anyone else you think might enjoy what we do.

Thank you for making the OnlineSportsGuys part of your Sports and sometimes entertainment reading experience, we've had nearly 350,000 visitors since July 1st of 2010 and for that, we can't thank you enough.

Let's continue growing and making this site a fun and informative way to keep you entertained during your sports day.


Brother Phil
Brother Jon
Brother Wilkie

and our technical expert, Brother J-Dub.

We are the OnlineSportsGuys!

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