Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Former Tenn. and Alabama football player died from multiple drugs

Aaron Douglas/Courtesy: univ or al./al.com
((ht: wvlt-tv))

Former Tennessee and Alabama offensive lineman Aaron Douglas apparently died May 12th in Fernandina Beach, Florida from a combination of multiple drugs in his system.

That according to an area medical examiner. The autopsy report on Douglas said he had "Multiple Drugs in his body including Methadone and Diazepam."

Douglas, was a 21-year old who played one season at Tennessee and had transferred to Alabama. Interesting if for no other fact than those two schools truly hate each other and have a long history.

The original story from WVLT-TV in Knoxville RIGHT HERE

Douglas had a troubled football career and young life with several scrapes with the law. Those scrapes were a good part of the reason he left Knoxville to go to Tuscaloosa.

Here's some video of Tennessee coach Derek Dooley talking about Douglas leaving the UT Football team. Thanks Knoxnews/YouTube:

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