Thursday, June 16, 2011

NFL Players names and images attached to "Porn-Party"

Daniel Thomas/Courtesy:
And they are quickly distancing themselves from it. All 9 players, who's names and photos--in their respective team jersey's, that appeared on a flyer promoting a party May 20th at Club Play in Miami, are trying to get as far away from it as they can.

The club was connected to the "Exxxotica Expo 2011" a convention, of sorts for people in the "Adult-entertainment" industry was held in the Miami area May 20-22.

The players were all notified in the past couple of days that they were attached to the party and the NFL is investigating, in part due to the photos of players in "Team Jerseys" something the NFL told the Miami Herald "Is a routine intellectual property issue".

Most of the players involved have issued statements saying "They didn't know about it and did not attend"

Here's the story from the Herald, who talked to Miami Dolphins 2nd round pick Daniel Thomas RIGHT HERE in Knoxville, TN, spoke to Chiefs Safety Eric Berry, who's name was also attached and was nowhere near Miami. The story is RIGHT HERE

It should be very concerning to the teams and players involved that their names were attached to this. The question is: Why? One player, Cory Liuget, actually admitted being invited to the event but didn't know his name was being used to promote it.

Another player, Major Wright, of the Bears, released a statement to the Herald saying his name was authorized to be used in association with a party he thought was hosted by other NFL players and didn't know it was tied to the Exxxotica Expo. Hmmmm.

More than likely, nothing else will come of this. But it should be a flag to both players and teams that they really, truly, need to be careful what and where there names are attached to.

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