Sunday, June 19, 2011

South Carolina starting Safety busted for D.U.I

((ht: wltx-tv))

It hasn't been a great "Off-the field" season thus far for SEC East Media darlings, the University of South Carolina.

From the well-documented problems of starting/suspended for now qb Stephen Garcia, to the freshman backup cornerback dismissed from the team last week, to now this.

Starting safety DeVonte Holloman was stopped at a D.U.I checkpoint in Columbia, South Carolina late Friday night and summarily arrested on charges of driving under the influence.


Holloman is a key contributor to the Gamecock's defense and is being counted on heavily this coming season. The school, nor coach Steve Spurrier have commented at this point.

We suspect they will wait and see what happens in court, hopefully it will be handled better than Mr. Garcia's issues.

The TV version of the story from WLTX-TV:

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