Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DEVELOPING: If you believe Drew Rosenhaus, T.O. is coming back

Rosenhaus (left) and T.O.
I know that's a loaded question, but...

The noted sports agent told the Four Letter today that Cincinnati WR Terrell Owens' knee injury is "no big deal." Why am I not surprised Rosenhaus said that.

"All the retirement talk is nonsense," Rosenhaus told the Four Letter. "There's been no discussion about that, and this injury is not a big deal."

Rosenhaus also told the Four Letter that famous surgeon Dr. James Andrews "repaired the old injury" completely, and that T.O. is "many months into recovery and doing fantastic."

My gut reaction - Rosenhaus is trying to deflect - as he's always done - the heat off of his client. Isn't that what agents are supposed to do?

I'll believe T.O. is coming back when he suits up and takes the field. Until then, being the former athlete I am, I'm assuming he's done. He doesn't bounce back like he used to.

More later...

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