Monday, June 27, 2011

Your NFL Lockout Update: Shopping Thursday Pkg. (Rich vs. Rich--Day 6,112)

NFL Commish Roger Goodell
((ht: Sports Business Journal))

If anyone thinks that an agreement in the NFL Lockout isn't near, this should cool their jets. The Sports Business Journal is reporting Monday morning the league has been heavily shopping an early season 8-game Thursday night game package.

And they want it to start soon.

The deal would only run for the 1st half of the season. The NFL Network has a deal in place to do Thursday games for the 2nd half of the year.

The new package could be worth up to $700 million a year...something the "Allegedly" cash strapped owners and league say they desperately need. The SBJ says Turner Sports and Comcast are the leaders in the clubhouse for the deal.

Read the entire story from the Sports Business Journal RIGHT HERE

We knew that this deal was in play during negotiations with the players, so it isn't a shocker. For fans, we suspect, it would be an exciting thought. It would give them another night of football on TV early in the fall. We know the players..and coaches aren't incredibly enamored with Thursday games, though they do like when they are over and it is 10 days before the next game.

Trust us when we say this will happen. And yes, it is a pre-cursor to a labor deal getting done. They wouldn't be talking about this unless both the players and the owners thought that football would be played...and played soon. So make room on your DVR's folks, you may have one more thing you'll have to record.

For those into such things, here's the NFL Networks Thursday Night theme:

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