Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Developing: BMV: Ohio St. players didn't get special deals

Former coach Jim Tressel/File
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Well, that is at least one agency clearing them. You'll have to however forgive our skepticism. The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, an agency not known for its efficiency or computerized record keeping (we know this, we live there), has reportedly concluded an investigation stating that no Ohio State football players got a special deal from Jack Maxton Chevy or any other car dealer in the Columbus area.

The investigation by the BMV, which we weren't aware of, concluded that the dealers made a credible profit on the transactions. It also claims no memorabilia or tickets were part of the transactions. However, it did not determine whether there were any "discounts" not given to the public.

And, the report essentially doesn't carry a lot of weight. The BMV is not able to determine, like we said, whether any deals were cut or if the sales were "Appropriate".

Read the entire story from the Columbus Dispatch RIGHT HERE

While we are quite sure the Ohio State folks are patting themselves on the back and rejoicing over this, they probably shouldn't. On paper, and undoubtedly in the headlines, this will be seen as vindication and proof that this was a witch hunt. It's not.

There are still far too many questions still lingering out there, such as how college kids such as Terrelle Pryor could own so many cars in such a short time. We don't for a minute believe he, nor his family, had enough money to fund 6-plus cars in 3-years. Most people making a solid living can't afford that. Think about it.

We still believe Ohio State is in deep doo-doo, and this report won't change that. This is more a "P.R" victory than anything tangible. We are quite sure the "Powers" that be in Columbus are still in great fear of an NCAA "Lack of Institutional Control" warning, and a report from a toothless agency who doesn't keep good records on the drivers in Ohio, much less sales to college football players, will in the long run mean absolutely nothing.

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