Thursday, June 23, 2011

Plancher trial continues: UCF tries discrediting M.E and O'Leary to testify Thursday morning

UCF Football Coach George O'Leary
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The Ereck Plancher wrongful death suit/trial continues and at times has gotten to be a bit contentious.

Wednesday, University of Central Florida's Athletic Association attorney's tried to discredit testimony by Medical Examiner Joshua Stephany who testified Plancher died because of complications from sickle cell trait. Stephany explained how it caused problems with red blood cells and under stress could become very harmful. UCF's attorney's argue that Plancher died from an undisclosed heart conditions.

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Testimony is expected to continue Thursday morning with the testimony of UCF Football coach George O'Leary. However, O'Leary was originally scheduled to testify on Wednesday, but Plancher's attorney's did not get to him. UCF's attorney's say they don't know if O'Leary will be available because he's scheduled to be at his "Coaching Clinic". The judge didn't buy that as a reason not to be there.

We'll continue following this trial in part because of the tremendous implications of the verdict. There is a lot of evidence that can hurt UCF here and if they lose, it could be a precedent setting trial.

We'd give you a look at local coverage of this, but the Orlando local TV stations don't do stories on anything unless Casey Anthony's name is attached.

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