Friday, June 24, 2011

Ohio State looks at changes in compliance


It may be a little to little, a little too late, but Ohio State's Board of Trustees have been meeting the past couple of days and one of their main topics of discussion: Changes in compliance.

By now, we all know about the multitude of problems the school is currently facing and there is great fear that the compliance office may have failed the school. At the very least, they may become the fall guys.

Either way, the Trustees want changes, they just aren't sure of what those changes will be....yet.

Our friends at WBNS (, explain, RIGHT HERE

We think this isn't a bad move, but as we said, it is way too late. And the fact that nothing will be implemented this year makes it essentially toothless. It appears, to some extent, the school is looking for someone to throw blame for the current mess on and it may be that the compliance office will be the primary target. We'll see.

Here's the TV Story from 10 Investigates (WBNS):





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