Friday, June 24, 2011

By the way, the NBA held its draft Thursday night

Jimmer Fredette
Yawn. They may not even play this upcoming season. Plus, the draft pool this year wasn't exactly teaming with major stars, but never the less, the NBA held its annual selection show of International and occasional college players.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were obvious big winners, if for no other reason than they had the 1st and 4th picks. They took Duke point guard Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson, a forward from Texas.

NCAA Tourney MVP Kemba Walker went 9th to Charlotte and the big headline grabber was the Sacramento Kings trading with Milwaukee to get the 10th pick which they used on the Jimmer, Jimmer Fredette.

Another interesting tidbit: The Morris twins, Markieff and Marcus went 13th and 14th to Phoenix and Houston respectively.

And yeah, they held a second round too, those picks were guys who will be bench fillers and NBDL players for the most part. The NBA Draft isn't like the other sports, it only lasts two rounds and really, there isn't a ton of drama involve.

We won't go through and grade everyone for the simple fact that if we did, we'd probably have to give every team involved an "Incomplete" since the season may or may not happen and in the NBA more so than the other leagues, you really have to see how they fit in before you can say how successful they can be. gives us your 1st pick video:

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