Friday, June 24, 2011

The Return of The Jets...???

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According to Nick Kypreos of Hockeycentral, it appears the Winnipeg team will once again be known as the Jets when NHL hockey returns to the city next season.

"I'm told that it will be the Jets," Kypreos said Thursday. "Obviously, they (have) got to go with new colors and a new logo, but when it's all said and done, look for the Jets name to come back to Winnipeg."

It was originally believed that True North wanted to go in a different direction, but everyone is all fired up for the Jets.

"I really believe they didn't want to go in the direction of Winnipeg Jets or Manitoba Jets initially, but it's been overwhelming (response). Whether it's been the Twitter world or anything on the internet, people really want to see the Jets,"
Kypreos added.

Some reports suggest an announcement on the team name could come before the team makes its first-round selection at the NHL Entry Draft in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Here was the first salvo on ideas for the name...
Falcons, Manitoba-something, or all those other ideas...

Dave Hodge explains...
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Either way, Claude Noel will be the new head coach of the team-to-be-named later with Randy Cunneyworth as the GM...

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