Monday, June 20, 2011

Plancher Trial Day 6: Teammate Testifies

((HT: Orlando Sentinel/Limon))

Week 2 of the Ereck Plancher trial had an ex-teammate on the stand relaying the events of the day Plancher dies from his perspective.

Wide receiver Anthony Davis testified that he recalled head coach George O'Leary telling trainers to leave the training facility and take water with them as they left. This was before Plancher collapsed during, what was termed by other UCF ex-players as "extra" workouts during a normal workout rotation...

From Limon:

Davis responded that O'Leary told the players before they gave their sworn statements "these people don't care about you" and to "keep it simple." Davis said Manny Messengeur, who currently works as O'Leary's personal assistant, was in the room while the attorney was taking the sworn statement. Davis said he didn't know Messengeur's exact role with the team at the time, but he recalled that he was friends with O'Leary. Davis said he was concerned anything he said during the sworn statements would be relayed to O'Leary.

"I had a stranger looking at me, monitoring what I am saying," Davis said.

He added that he never lied during any of his sworn statements.

Here's Limon's update...

The HQ thinks UCF is in so much trouble...

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