Friday, June 17, 2011

BREAKING: Betty Fox Passes

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From the family their ownselves...

It is with considerable sadness that we share that our wife, mother and grandmother died at 8:25am (PT) this morning. Betty/Mom passed away peacefully surrounded by love. Betty was comfortable the last few weeks and months of her life, was always full of wit and rarely alone. Betty is now with Terry and joins other dear family members that predeceased her. We have greatly appreciated the privacy granted to our family since Betty's illness was shared and are hoping it continues at this difficult time.

Messages can be emailed to or can be shared online here.

Cards and messages can be sent to this address:

C/O The Terry Fox Foundation
Suite 303, 46167 Yale Road
Chilliwack, BC V2P 2P2


Rolly, Fred, Darrell and Judi

For those of you scratching your head as to who Betty Fox is...
She's the mother of Canadian Terry Fox, who wanted to bring awareness to cancer and its victims through his "Marathon of Hope" in 1980. The story captivated an entire nation and has mobilized it for the last thirty-plus years through hemisphere-wide "Marathons of Hope."

To date, according to the Foundation, over $550 million has been raised worldwide for cancer research in Terry's name through the annual Terry Fox Run, held across Canada and around the world.

Here's your reminder of Terry Fox and his legacy...
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i give all my condolence to the fox family stay strong